Album Review: Ghost Witch – “Demo”

Stumbling onto this gem by a fluke of a Facebook recommendation (it’s scary how well my computer knows what I like… don’t even get me started on porn), I really only clicked on the bandcamp link because I dug the band name, but was more than happy they had the sound to back it up. This is the first and only release so far from Santa Rosa, California’s, Ghost Witch, but already I am stoked out of my mind for future releases!

The demo itself is a mere two songs, which saddens me because each one is really catchy and has a lot of replay value. Conjuring the doom laden beauty of groups like True Widow and Windhand, Ghost Witch find a way to mesh together heaviness with elegance, having heavy as hell instrumentation made even stronger by killer vocals. Now, I love me some good gutterals or wretches in the mic, but a good harmonized vocalist who can complement the instruments and the music almost never fails to grab my attention. Ghost Witch’s anonymous female vocalist is perfect for their sound and brings an sad and eerie quality that further gives credence to the band’s name.

I’ve found myself constantly coming back to this demo and am super excited for this group’s future. This is quality doom metal and you should definitely give these guys (and gal) a listen, pronto!!!




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