Album Review: The Olympians – S/T

For people who know me, it might come as a shock that one of my absolute favorite releases of 2016 was not even a metal album! SAY WHAT!? I first heard of The Olympians because of my liking of The Budos Band, a group that shares both members and style with them. I took a gander, liked the album artwork (which is important for me) and pressed play…wow.

The Olympians’ first ever self titled release, released October 18 of 2016, is a majestic tapestry of soul, jazz, and funk, all interweaving into one another to create a sound that will convince you Mount Olympus is a 60’s/70’s lounge. The band creates a feeling of relaxation and “chillness” (the word just seemed right, don’t judge), as it seems to take you on a journey through the divine realm of the gods. As you listen to the sizable L/P, you find yourself floating on clouds carried by undeniable grooves until it gets to a point where you never want to leave. Each song is varied and stands on its own as a masterwork in its respective genres. If I had to be honest, I don’t tend to always like instrumental albums unless they are exceptional. Vocals play a huge part in a band’s sound and a lot of the time I find that I can feel that abscence…but this is not one of those cases. The Olympians know how to make their instruments talk, crafting smooth compositions of engaging sound up until the very end.

Oh, and did I say The Olympians were a band? More like a small orchestra. The group consists of ten members, which explains the sheer range of instrumentality to be found on the album. Guitar, bass, trumpet, percussion of multiple kinds (that’s right… bongos), harp, violin, keyboard… a full spectrum!!! Listening to the album, I felt on top of the world, which makes the album’s title and artwork fitting, and felt like going out to a slick club to drink fancy beverages and meet pretty ladies. I didn’t do that… but gosh darn it if the opportunity presented itself, I just might have!

The point of all this rambling? Just listen to this band!!!

Here’s a link or two!


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