Album Review: Vorpal Sword – “Inflictor”

Fuck yeah, VORPAL SWORD!!!! Once again, another artist who snared my interest due to name alone. Anything referencing Dungeons & Dragons is worth a nod in my opinion. Vorpal Sword‘s most recent LP, “Inflictor”, was released on the 31st of August, 2016, and is put out by Rising Beast Recordings.

Vorpal Sword specialize in a rough sounding, highly experimental fusion of electronic noise and black metal. It definitely takes some getting used to, and you might even think your earphones aren’t plugged in all the way. Vorpal Sword take distortion to places I’ve honestly not heard in even the rawest of black metal releases. However, despite the raw, gritty sound that permeates the walls of sound and catchy beats, the thick distortion and blizzarding electronic effects actually become somewhat hypnotic in how they are utilized. The line between guitar chords and effects begins to blur until they become one, and that one is simply, Vorpal Sword.

Oh yeah, did I mention this band was catchy as hell? No? Well… they are! The musicianship carries traces of black metal in its most primitive, stripped down form, as well as some electronic noise ambiance at times too. The vocals are properly indecipherable and shrill (though, I’m not actually sure if there are any actual words), and instrumentally the band don’t try to melt your face and wear away your sanity with endless waves of blast beats and impenetrable guitar buzz, instead finding magnetic beats and rhythms that, combined with its bizarre electronic infusion, makes each song unique and really fun to listen to despite the harshness.

I would describe Vorpal Sword as if Samara from “The Ring” decided to form a band with Darkthrone and record music from inside that well she dwells in, hidden forever from the light of day, shrieking into a void of white noise.

Here’s a link or two!



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