Album Review: Dagger Lust – “Aggramica”

Do you like your metal to sound crisp and digestable? Do you enjoy clean cut performances and tunes that make you want to go and take on the world? Yeah? Well then turn back now, because Dagger Lust will seriously fuck up your day. Put out by the purveyors of degenerate aural sewage, Vrasubatlat, “Aggramica” is a true exercise in absolute ugliness. Crafting a sound that feels unhinged and dangerously feral, Dagger Lust make point to separate themselves from any kind of decency.

The band takes elements of sludge, doom, noise, and black metal, throwing them into what sounds like a subterranean sex dungeon made of cold cement and rusted chains, and forces them together into some wholly unnatural conglomeration. So, basically, it’s the musical equivalent of the human centipede: slapped together, agonizing, filthy. But if you think that I mean that as a negative thing, you would be wrong, sir! In fact, all of what Vrasubatlat put out tends to share a kind of dedication to all that is horrible and trashy. Dagger Lust carry this piss soaked banner, creating art out of pure chaos and perverse aggression. The sound perfectly matches the lyrics, wallowing in the themes of nihilistic sexual depravity, and makes the listener feel as if they are hearing something that wasn’t intended to be heard. The production is very bare bones and makes the instruments sound like pieces of trash found in a dumpster that are being smashed or ground together.

Call it shtick, call it bad taste, or call it a mild absence of sanity, Dagger Lust specialize in making some of the dirtiest metal you’ve ever heard. I fucking loved it from the moment I heard them. Heavy metal music is simultaneously one of the most mindnumingly boring genres as much as it is constantly interesting. For every really great band there are a hundred others just ripping them off or trying to be just like them. I can only handle so many endless blast beats or Sabbath wannabes before I have a headache and want to stomp on my iphone. Dagger Lust embody some of that rebellious spirit that was the basis for heavy metal as a whole. They don’t want to bow down to what popular perception of what well done music is, instead taking that gold standard and dunking it in shit. But no the bad shit… the good shit!

Here’s a link or two!


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