Album Review: Void Meditation Cult – “Utter The Tongue Of the Dead”

In these days of instant internet access and hyper communication via any number of social media outlets or product distribution sites (ie. Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.), the sheer amount of content that is instantly made available to us is overwhelming. And though it’s amazing that artists these days can so easily get their work out there for people to appreciate, it also creates a necessity for artists to really push themselves to make sure they stand out amongst the globe spanning crowd of others who share their art form. In regards to music, it becomes common that you start to hear bands that all sound like clones, all playing the same songs, using the same techniques, sticking to a template. In that lies the discouraging downside of this endless stream of new stuff to consume. Eventually you hit a saturation point, and that either turns you off of a genre entirely or forces you to raise your standards even higher to help sift through the many in order to find the few that really do it for you.

With a name like Void Meditation Cult, I was immediately interested and only hoped that their music could back up such a bad ass name (I’m a very shallow person and am easily lured in by band names/album art). Alas, having listened to this latest offering of demoniac aural sacrament straight through, I was so stoked to find how much this band’s sound got to me and stood out as unique and fresh sounding. “Utter the Tongue of the Dead” was brought down from the void on October 31 of last year through Hells Headbangers, and ever since then has been stirring the underground with whisperings of praise, all of which are very well deserved.


One of the main elements that really sets VMC apart here is the approach to their sound production. The musicianship and songwriting is catchy and brutal as all hell, but the production of it all really ties everything up in a neat little putrid bow. The whole album sounds as if you’re listening to it while being strangled with a funeral shroud. The vocals and guitars all seem to be dampened, retaining an element of sonic blurriness throughout that generates a true sense of traversing dimensions. You can feel the rumbling amps dripping with thick black ichor as bass and guitars layer on top of each other in chunky slabs. The old gods are being hailed in guttural growls interlaced with razor sharp hisses and whispers that pierce the listener with sheer foreboding. Everything fits together perfectly to produce a genuine aura of malignancy… it… is… KILLLLLLLER!!!!!!

Void Meditation Cult make a statement with this newest LP, forging their own approach to doom laden death metal that brings to mind the likes of Portal or Triumvir Foul.  Their sound can be heard amongst the hustle bustle of the metal underground due to its deadly combination of being both catchy while also sounding like pure evil. I honestly find myself thinking about this album quite a bit as of late, and want to go back for a second go round ASAP. In fact, I’m gonna do that now.

Here’s a link or two!



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