Album Review: Sex Prisoner – “Tannhauser Gate”

I’ll admit straight away that hardcore is really not my metal genre of choice. When compared with the sonic approach of death or black metal it speaks less to my tastes as a listener. However, there are always exceptions to the rule! I’ve found myself going through small and scattered spans of time in which my hardcore vein is on the rise due to groups such as Full of Hell and Nails turning me on to the hardcore sound that more often than not escapes my immediate interest. And as I write this review I can already feel my want to go exploring through the d – beat/hardcore/powerviolence sonisphere, as Sex Prisoner has re – ignited my craving for the genre with this absolutely savage record.


Released on October 31, 2016 off of A389 Recordings, “Tannhauser Gate” is a record absolutely stuffed, like a fucking sausage link, with face melting sonic blasts of pure outrage. With the longest track (also an interlude), “Lullaby”, being 2:23, the majority of Tannhauser Gate is a nonstop conveyor belt of ultraviolence in compacted form. Each track is frantic and hurried, as if the band themselves are being chased down a corridor by merciless attackers, knives in hand, reaching out to slice them to ribbons. Both in vocals and instrumentation there is a desperation that mingles with the rage, creating an altogether undeniable blend.

With sixteen songs in total, the fact that not once do the songs feel overly repetitive or boring is a true testament to the band and their ability to write dynamic songs that are as brutal as they are really fucking catchy! One of the primary elements that caught my attention and never let up was the potent combination of the two vocalists. The two throats each play hot potato with lyric passages, keeping the listener on their toes and adding another layer of kinetics to the music. Blast beats give way to chugging bass/guitar sections in a schizophrenic start/stop fashion throughout most of the record, and by the end you feel like you’ve just rolled your car and are ready for round two!

There is not much else I can say about Tannhauser Gate except: “Listen to it!” This is a band that knows how to deliver a sound that feels as violent as it does vulnerable. Every punch Sex Prisoner throw your way is also exposing some vital organ in all its pulsating, wet glory. Perhaps it is my lack of experience listening to the likes of this band but I find a real freshness to Sex Prisoner’s sound and I can only hope that others agree and seek this one out, because it simply destroys… everything… and then pisses on the remains.

Here’s a link or two!





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