Album Review: Sex Prisoner – “Tannhauser Gate”

I’ll admit straight away that hardcore is really not my metal genre of choice. When compared with the sonic approach of death or black metal it speaks less to my tastes as a listener. However, there are always exceptions to the rule! I’ve found myself going through small and scattered spans of time in which … More Album Review: Sex Prisoner – “Tannhauser Gate”

Album Review/Artist Spotlight: Krallice – “Prelapsarian”

Our culture is one of constant advancement towards greater heights of user friendliness and efficiency. We seem to be always striving for a more streamlined and easy approach to any and all facets of life. Most mass market films tend to be made following a kind of market appeal algorithm so as to bring in … More Album Review/Artist Spotlight: Krallice – “Prelapsarian”

Album Review: Void Meditation Cult – “Utter The Tongue Of the Dead”

In these days of instant internet access and hyper communication via any number of social media outlets or product distribution sites (ie. Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.), the sheer amount of content that is instantly made available to us is overwhelming. And though it’s amazing that artists these days can so easily get their work out there … More Album Review: Void Meditation Cult – “Utter The Tongue Of the Dead”

Album Review: Dagger Lust – “Aggramica”

Do you like your metal to sound crisp and digestable? Do you enjoy clean cut performances and tunes that make you want to go and take on the world? Yeah? Well then turn back now, because Dagger Lust will seriously fuck up your day. Put out by the purveyors of degenerate aural sewage, Vrasubatlat, “Aggramica” is a … More Album Review: Dagger Lust – “Aggramica”